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Whitlock-On-The-Go: A Patient Testimonial

At Whitlock Orthodontics, we make the orthodontic journey a better experience for patients. One of our most convenient orthodontic advancements is Whitlock On-The-Go, for Virtual Appointments.

3 Ways to Know if Invisalign is Right For Your Teen

a boy and a girl showing their smile

At my orthodontic practice, offering clear aligners is an important treatment option for patients, especially teenagers. When indicated by a trained orthodontist, Invisalign, the leading clear aligner brand, can provide teens with the beautiful straight teeth they’ve always wanted — without braces. A consultation with an orthodontist is the only way to know for sure […]

What Is TruDenta Pain Relief and How Does It Work?

girl suffering from tooth ache

If you are a migraine sufferer, you’re probably willing to try just about anything to relieve your migraine pain. Have you considered going to the dentist for pressure migraine relief? That’s right, the dentist. The therapy system is called TruDenta, and it does not involve needles or medications. Read on to find out what TruDenta […]

Discover the Benefit of SureSmile® Orthodontics

happy women

What is SureSmile® Orthodontic Technology? You’re thinking about getting braces. And while you’re excited about having that great smile, you may be nervous about wearing the wires and brackets. Well, there is a new, technologically advanced orthodontic system that makes straightening your teeth a lot more precise and more accurate compared to conventional orthodontic treatment. […]

Descubra los beneficios de SureSmile® Orthodontics

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¿Qué es la tecnología de ortodoncia SureSmile®? Está pensando en ponerse frenos. Y, mientras que está muy emocionado (a) por tener una sonrisa hermosa, puede que esté nervioso (a) por tener que usar los frenos y alambres. Bueno, existe un nuevo sistema de ortodoncia de tecnología súper avanzada que hace que enderezar sus dientes sea […]

Cómo saber si su hijo necesita ortodoncia

a happy family

Frecuentemente me preguntan sobre el mejor momento para llevar a su hijo a una evaluación de tratamiento de ortodoncia. El problema es que (como todos sabemos) cada niño es diferente. Sin embargo, un buen punto de partida es alrededor de los 7 años, edad en la que la mandíbula del niño se ha desarrollado lo […]

We’re in your network!

a happy couple

The University of Arkansas has recently extended their benefits package to include dental coverage for employees! If you’ve recently enrolled in the UofArk dental program, we want you to know that we’re in network! We happily accept coverage from your provider! Take advantage! Make sure to give us a call and set up an appointment with our […]

Invisalign vs Traditional Braces: Which Option is Best?

invisalign vs traditional braces

In today’s society of selfies, social media, and Snapchat, adults and teens care more than ever about beautiful, straight teeth. Historically, traditional braces were the only option to achieve straight teeth. In fact, traditional braces have been around for about 60 years. But in recent years, Invisalign hit the market – offering a new, almost […]

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