Whitlock Orthodontics - Springdale & Fort Smith, AR

My passion is making the orthodontic journey a better experience for my patients. That’s how Whitlock-On-The-Go was born!

With amazing artificial intelligence, with Whitlock-On-The-Go we are able to give you Virtual Appointments! We monitor your orthodontic treatment and then consult with you virtually, giving you a healthy smile faster, with fewer appointments! I may see you occasionally but we’ll spend most of our treatment time together connecting through an app on your phone. Of course we love seeing you, but we know you all lead busy lives and this is just one less thing you have to fit into your schedule!

Learn more about Whitlock-On-The-Go virtual appointments in this video!

Visit our website for a complimentary Virtual Consultation to see how Whitlock-On-The-Go can give you your time back!

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