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How to Know If Your Child Needs Orthodontics

cute girl with missing tooth

I’m often asked about the best time to have children evaluated for orthodontic treatment. The challenge is that (as we all know!) every kid is different. However, a good milestone is around age seven, when a child’s jaw is developed enough, and he or she has enough permanent teeth for an orthodontist to tell if […]

Protect Your Kid From a Bad Night’s Sleep

mother and daughter wearing white long sleeves

Does your child seem drowsy during the day? Does he or she snore or wake up breathless in the middle of the night? They could have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) – a chronic condition where breathing stops periodically during sleep because soft tissue is relaxing and obstructing the airway. These periodic stops can happen as […]

Porque la ortodoncia en los jóvenes no se trata solamente de una bonita sonrisa

mother and daughter close up photo

Todos los padres quieren que sus hijos sean capaces de sonreír con confianza pero, para muchos, ésa no es la única razón para investigar sobre la ortodoncia temprana. Mientras que la edad promedio para hacerse un tratamiento de ortodoncia es a los 12 años, en Whitlock Orthodontics tenemos la misión de enfocarnos en niños de […]

February Is Children’s Dental Health Month

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THE CDC REPORTS that 1 in 5 children (between ages 5 and 11) in the US have untreated tooth decay. Not only should tooth decay be treated in regular dental appointments, it should be prevented! Tooth decay is 100 percent preventable with effective personal care and regular dental cleanings. In honor of Children’s Dental Health […]

Top ten tips for keeping your BRACES sparklin’ clean!

Keeping your teeth clean is more important than ever when you have braces! Food bits have more spots than usual to hide in your mouth, so you must be diligent in order to avoid bad breath, swollen gums, discolored teeth and cavities. If you remove plaque regularly during treatment, you’ll experience better results and shorter […]

Ask Dr. Boyd O. Whitlock: “I got my braces. Now what?”

We love when patients ask us that question! Now that you’re wearing braces, it’s just as important to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen as you did prior to your orthodontic treatment. Braces are known to trap food particles and make it difficult to brush or remove plaque, which is why Dr. Boyd O. Whitlock […]

Halloween TIPS from the American Association of Orthodontists

kids wearing Halloween costumes

It’s almost that spooky time of year again and Springdale and Fayetteville orthodontist, Dr. Boyd Whitlock, and our team thought we’d share some Halloween tips from our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists. Trick-or-treating safety guidelines: • Young children should always be accompanied by an adult • Carry a flashlight • Wear a light-colored […]

5 tips to avoid plaque, from Whitlock Orthodontics

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At Whitlock Orthodontics, we know nobody likes getting plaque on their teeth. Here are five other ways you can avoid that dreaded enemy of the teeth during orthodontic treatment, courtesy of WebMD. Let’s start with brushing regularly.. Brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride-containing toothpaste is vital to a healthy mouth. Make sure […]

Kids Getting Braces at a Younger Age

teeth model with retainer

Dr. Boyd Whitlock will tell you that braces were originally considered to be best appropriate for teens. But these days, kids as old as seven are beginning their orthodontic treatment. Because preadolescent kids are typically not self-conscious, our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists suggest it could be a good idea to start early. […]

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