Whitlock Orthodontics - Springdale & Fort Smith, AR

At Whitlock Orthodontics, we provide the most advanced orthodontic treatment to match the specific needs of each patient. Just see what our patients have to say!!!

Dr. Whitlock is the only orthodontist who has really taken the time to work with me and show me what is involved with the treatment on getting my teeth fixed.
-Carrie H.

It isn’t going to take near as long as my friends who go to other orthodontists. Plus, the Whitlock Orthodontist office isn’t scary, it’s upbeat and cool.
-Rick P.

Dr. Whitlock creates restores beautiful smiles. He is knowledgeable and willing to discuss any topic. He is respectful of patients and parents. He is so patient and calm in the office. It is most appreciated !!
-Judy E.

Dr. Whitlock is extremely professional. He sits down and gets the job done and all the while exhibits a wonderful chair side manner.
-Mary K.

Dr. Whitlock presented and explained all the options and helped us to make the right decision concerning our orthodontic needs. When we left his office, we felt very confident and comfortable.
-Cindy W.

I love the great service to myself as a parent and to my children. Everyone at Whitlock Orthodontics takes the time to listen and help with any situation.
-Thomas J.

Whitlock Orthodontics has a very comfortable setting and pleasant staff.
-Glenda H.

Dr. Whitlock and his staff are very kind and courteous. Samantha has been a bit of a difficult patient but they have taken her on with patience.
-Richard D.

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