Whitlock Orthodontics - Springdale & Fort Smith, AR

Hello! Dr. Whitlock here. Congratulations on starting your journey to your new rockstar smile! Everyone here at Whitlock Orthodontics is so excited for you. We have a feeling you will enjoy your orthodontic treatment journey, and we know you’ll love your new smile at the end of the journey! You recently received a Whitlock on the go kit and we know this kit will really help you stay on track in your treatment journey.

As your orthodontist, I want to go over a couple of items that you received in your Whitlock on the go kit. One of the most critical objects in your Whitlock on the go kit is your Dental Monitoring Scan Box. As you probably remember from your consultation, the Dental Monitoring Scan Box paired up with the Dental Monitoring App allows you to take progress pictures of your treatment progress and send the photos to my office for us to review, all from the comfort of your own home.

Your Dental Monitoring Scan Box is so important because it provides an open avenue for me to keep track of your smile progress, and one for you to ask me any questions once they arise. You really have the freedom to help me see you and your smile progress every week. Keeping up with your scans allows us to make sure treatment is on time, confirms proper wear of your rubber bands, verifies you’re maintaining your dental hygiene, and validates that your tooth movement is still active. If you send in your scans on time, I can pinpoint any time anything goes wrong, then our office can get you in immediately to correct the issue. We want to keep your movement on track so you can have quick and efficient treatment. Make sure you follow the Dental Monitoring directions and continue capturing your scans on time.

Another aspect I want to mention about your new orthodontic treatment are the brackets on your braces. You might have noticed they are placed higher than brackets on traditional braces. If you look closely at the brackets on your friends braces, you’ll notice they’re placed on the middle of the tooth. The bracket placement at Whitlock Orthodontics is not a mistake, though. We place them higher so you can get a pretty smile, not the “flat smile” that traditional braces will give you. Our method helps us to create award winning smiles. These brackets are placed very intentionally, and we think you’ll appreciate the award-winning smile after your treatment is over. We look forward to seeing you on your journey and getting you rocking your smile very soon!

Whitlock Orthodontics proudly serves the orthodontic needs of families in the Springdale and Fort Smith communities and the surrounding area. In addition to Invisalign, Dr. Whitlock also offers several braces treatment options as well as early orthodontic treatment.

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