Whitlock Orthodontics - Springdale & Fort Smith, AR

Dr. W and his team know the thought of having braces gets a lot of people down. At Whitlock Orthodontics we offer a variety of different orthodontic treatments designed to help give our patients the beautiful smiles they deserve. While there are so many effective treatments available, SureSmile is the top treatment in our office!

SureSmile gets our patients out of braces twice as fast, and with less discomfort than with most conventional treatments. Patients also spend less time in our office and more time smiling. We are very proud to be the only orthodontic practice in Arkansas that offers SureSmile.

Dr W. first introduced SureSmile in April, 2005, and has been using the system ever since. Today, many of our patients who wear braces are being treated with SureSmile.

With SureSmile’s specially programmed archwires, your teeth move more directly into their intended positions. The result for our patients is shortened treatment time and a more comfortable experience in braces. Once the braces are on it’s only a matter of time before they are taken off revealing beautiful, straight, healthy teeth. With traditional braces a patient is expected to schedule 18 to 20 office visits over two years. With SureSmile, patients average seven to 10 visits and can have their braces off within half the time!

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, or if braces are on the horizon, give us a call!

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