Whitlock Orthodontics - Springdale & Fort Smith, AR

A lot of our patients, (especially you parents!) come to Dr. Whitlock thinking traditional braces are the only answer to straight teeth. Here at Whitlock Orthodontics, we offer the Damon System, a revolutionary new braces system that can give you better results in less time!

Am I right for the Damon System?

Whitlock Orthodontics will evaluate your eligibility for the Damon System, and the procedure can be performed for children and adults alike!

What makes Damon braces better?

Probably the biggest advantage of Damon braces over traditional brackets is the amount of time and effort involved. Whitlock Orthodontics can often cut months off of the total treatment time for patients using the Damon System, and less visits to our office are necessary to make adjustments.

In addition, the Damon System brackets are:

Cleaner– Damon brackets don’t have the elastic of traditional brackets, and are less prone to all the plaque buildup that your dentist warns you about!
Discreet– Damon braces are smaller and have fewer parts than traditional brackets, making them less noticeable and more comfortable.
No tightening– With the Damon system, Dr. Whitlock and our team can position your teeth and avoid frequent adjustments. This also reduces the need for complicated tooth extractions or surgery.

If you have been thinking about an orthodontic procedure, come see us at Whitlock Orthodontics for an assessment to see if the Damon System is right for you!

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