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Preventing Decay While Wearing Braces

Having braces can present some new challenges when it comes to oral hygiene. Preventing tooth decay can be a big challenge simply because of the tendency for braces to trap food under the wires and between the teeth and the brackets. Here are a few tips to keep your teeth healthy while wearing your braces: […]

Your pal, fluoride

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There are so many ways you protect your teeth throughout your orthodontic treatment with Whitlock Orthodontics. You brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly and protect your mouth and appliances from being damaged. But did you know there is another, often forgotten about, way to keep your teeth clean and healthy during your treatment? […]

Ask Dr. Whitlock: What’s the deal with all those Halloween treats?

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With Halloween arriving tomorrow, our staff at Whitlock Orthodontics know a lot parents here in northwestern Arkansas are worried about their kids going overboard on candies this weekend. All those sweet, sour and sticky candies may taste great, but these treats are known to damage teeth, as well as braces! Did you know sour candies […]

Dr. Whitlock wants to know: Are you getting regular checkups?

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Springdale and northwest Arkansas orthodontist Dr. Boyd Whitlock wants to know: is your child brushing his or her teeth twice a day as recommended during their treatment? If the answer is yes, that’s fantastic! But, don’t forget it’s also important for your child to visit the dentist every six months in addition to brushing their […]

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