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What was your favorite part of Summer 2011?

woman with maroon lipstick is wearing a sunglasses

The end of Summer and then subsequently the beginning of Fall are just around the corner. Soon the temperatures will cool down, the leaves will start to change, and we’re sure that you’ll be thinking about Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving plans. But wait! First, we want to know: What were your favorite parts of the […]

Summer FUN with Whitlock Orthodontics!

happy man with dreadlocks hair

It’s summer here at Whitlock Orthodontics, a season full of vacations, adventures and great memories. Whether you are headed to a barbecue, a camping trip, hitting America’s open roads or just having fun in the backyard, Dr. Boyd Whitlock and our team want to hear all about it! We encourage you to post any photos […]

Getting social with Whitlock Orthodontics

group of happy friends taking a selfie

Isn’t social media great? The team at Whitlock Orthodontics embrace technology and love connecting with our patients online, whether it’s by sharing news on our blog or communicating ideas on our Facebook page. For social media to work, conversation is vital, and that’s why we invite you to join in and tell us what’s on […]

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