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Good Breath Gone Bad!

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Bad breath can be a real downer, especially when you are out on a date with that girl or boy you’ve had a crush on all semester! However, bad breath can be prevented! Bad breath, or as your doctor may call it “halitosis,” is caused by odor-producing bacteria that grows in your mouth. This bacteria […]

Parsley and Other Ways To Brighten Your Smile from Whitlock Orthodontics

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At Whitlock Orthodontics we see lots of patients concerned about their bad breath. So we want to educate you about what you can do to really keep your chompers clean and breath minty fresh! Naturally, good oral hygiene is the first set. With proper brushing and regular dental checkups you can keep bad breath (halitosis) […]

Top Ten Tips for Improving Bad Breath –Whitlock Orthodontics

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Call it by its fancy name, “halitosis,” and it won’t smell any sweeter. Bad breath is frequently a sign that you’re not keeping up with your oral health. The source of this unpleasant odor is, in most cases, bacteria living on your teeth, gums or tongue. Follow these ten tips for a breath of fresh […]

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