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President’s Day Fun Facts!

woman with short hair wearing a stripes jacket

Monday was Presidents’ Day, a day known for celebrating of both George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s combined Birthdays. Presidents’ Day was created in 1971, when President Richard Nixon combined the birthdays of two of our most well-known presidents into one single federal holiday. Presidents’ Day also marks a hard-earned day off from work and school […]

Ask Dr. Boyd O. Whitlock: “I got my braces. Now what?”

We love when patients ask us that question! Now that you’re wearing braces, it’s just as important to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen as you did prior to your orthodontic treatment. Braces are known to trap food particles and make it difficult to brush or remove plaque, which is why Dr. Boyd O. Whitlock […]

Happy New Year from Whitlock Orthodontics

happy man wearing a moss green shirt

The year is almost over, so we wanted to ask what was memorable about 2011 for you, and what are you looking forward to in 2012? Do you have a new year’s resolution, or any exciting plans for the coming year? Have a safe and happy New Year, from Whitlock Orthodontics!

Beware of those Christmas goodies!

woman with curly hair wearing full makeup

At Whitlock Orthodontics, we know maintaining a healthy diet over the holiday season can prove a difficult task. After all, who can resist the tasty treats of Christmas? With grandma and everybody else offering you candy, chocolate logs or Christmas pudding, you just can’t say “I’ll pass” each time. But trouble lurks: every time you […]

Share your winter break plans with us!

woman with whitish hair is wearing a white lace top

Dr. Boyd O. Whitlock and our team at Whitlock Orthodontics want to know: what do your winter plans look like? Do you have any plans for an exciting family vacation? Are you hanging out around town? Catching up on sleep? Spending time with friends? Let us know! Please feel free to share your exciting winter […]

Happy Thanksgiving, from Whitlock Orthodontics

a blonde woman with silver earrings

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season knocking at our door, our entire team at Whitlock Orthodontics wanted to stop for a moment and extend our best wishes to you, our patients, referring doctors and families, for a wonderful Thanksgiving. As always, if you know anyone we can help, just let us know. […]

Join the conversation.

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Whether you just began your orthodontic treatment at Whitlock Orthodontics and have a follow-up question for Dr. Boyd O. Whitlock or team, or if you’d simply like to drop us a quick line, we’d love to hear from you! We love connecting with our patients online, whether it’s by sharing news on our blog or […]

Happy November! From Whitlock Orthodontics

three kids wearing a halloween costumes

Happy November, everybody! Believe it or not, we’re almost in full holiday mode! But before our team at Whitlock Orthodontics forget about the spooky month that was, we’d like to know how you celebrated Halloween! What did you wear? How much candy did you get? Did you have fun? If you have any photos or […]

The importance of retainers, from Dr. Whitlock

a person having retainers

If you recently completed treatment at Whitlock Orthodontics, we’d like to congratulate you! Now that your braces have been removed, Dr. Whitlock will provide—or has provided you—with retainers. After braces are removed, teeth can shift out of position if they are not stabilized. Retainers provide that stabilization. They are designed to hold teeth in their […]

Thank you

a beautiful woman wearing a brown hat is staring up

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we wanted to stop for a moment to say how thankful we are to have you in our orthodontic family. We realize that our practice here in Springdale thrives because of great patients like you. We are the lucky ones because we not only help keep […]

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