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Your orthodontic treatment may look like brackets and wires from far away, but a closer look tells a different story. Those same wires and brackets change the look of your smile as well as the time it takes to achieve it.

SureSmile also looks like brackets and wires that your friends and family used to straighten their teeth. But SureSmile is a highly-intelligent form of wire braces.

Not only does it help you find the exact smile you picture in your mind but it gets you there 34 percent faster than conventional braces.

What are SureSmile braces and how will they change your entire orthodontics experience?

Keep reading to find out what makes SureSmile a game-changer in the way we experience orthodontics.

What Is SureSmile?

SureSmile makes orthodontic arch wires fed between the brackets. These wires create the tension that straightens your teeth.

What makes SureSmile different from standard wires?

The scientists at SureSmile use a three-step process to create customized wires designed specifically for your mouth.

Here’s how it works.

During one of your first visits to an orthodontist, your ortho fits you for the wires. To model the wires, they use a white light scanner (WLS) or cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to generate 3-D digital images of your mouth and teeth.

These images produce a look at your mouth that is far more detailed than an x-ray or photographs alone. It’s also a more versatile tool because it matches the second phase of the process: software planning.

After you leave, your orthodontist takes those high-resolution 3-D images and uploads them to the SureSmile software. Here, they drag your teeth into place using the software tool to create the perfect alignment. Once done, they have an exacting picture of what you want your smile to look like.

Once they’re satisfied, the office sends their software plan for your braces on to SureSmile HQ. SureSmile uses robots that work to the precise specifications to create wires designed for your teeth alone.

How SureSmile Works Faster Than Other Wires

Why is it faster and more exacting than other arch wires?

Because the software doesn’t only plan your smile, but it also finds the best and more direct route for achieving it.

Your teeth move at the same pace regardless of what model wires you use. You can’t make the teeth move physically faster. The trick is to shift the teeth more efficiently.

The software uses the detailed pictures of your mouth to calculate concurrent tooth movements relevant to your mouth – not mouths generally.

The Accuracy of SureSmile vs. Conventional Wires

When the robots form the wires, they follow a carefully calculated path that matches your teeth and mouth. Rather than adjusting the wires again and again over time, the wires get to work on moving your teeth immediately.

The accuracy and mathematics involved in creating SureSmile wires aren’t possible with conventional braces. When you choose conventional braces, the orthodontist manipulates the wires manually.

Your orthodontist is a professional, but they’re only human. Manual manipulation can’t come near the precision that software and robots can. As a result, you need more adjustments because your teeth follow the long road rather than a direct path.

Ultimately, SureSmile patients don’t waste time shifting their teeth around. The movement begins immediately, and that’s why it takes up to 34 percent less time to achieve your ideal smile with SureSmile.

Patients – and researchers- find that not only do SureSmile patients spend less time wearing braces but the quality of their smile also improves.

What Does the Research Say?

The idea of wearing braces for less time without giving up on your dream smile sounds good. But is it just a gimmick?

Scientists asked this question – and the results they came up with are stunning.

In one 2011 clinical study of SureSmile versus conventional fixed braces, researchers looked at patients’ cast/radiographic evaluations of their mouths. They compared the results of 63 conventional treatment patients with 69 SureSmile results.

Their results found that SureSmile patients saw less treatment time (around seven months) and better cast/radiographic evaluations (smile results) than conventional braces.

Why Choose Smart Wires Over Smart Brackets

Researchers spent decades trying to find faster, less painful ways of practicing orthodontics. Until recently, many researchers and practitioners focused not on the wires but brackets.

People believed that if you could place the bracket exactly where it needed to be, then patients could get their perfect smile with half the visits.

However, bracket placement still depends on the orthodontist. While they are careful in their arrangement, the human brain is no match for the software. By choosing SureSmile wires, you get a uniform set of wires that are correctly made but also wholly tailored to your mouth.

Smart wires like SureSmile help your orthodontist because the wires give them a kind of precision and control that others only dream of.

They also cut down on administrative time for your orthodontist. Orthodontists who use SureSmile no longer spend time changing or bending wires and they require less computer time for each patient.

As a result, appointments are shorter and waiting times are even more so.

Enjoy Your Perfect Smile Sooner

SureSmile dental practices offer the smile you want and use a road to a healthy mouth that is both shorter and simpler. Not only do SureSmile patients need fewer appointments, but their visits to the office are also shorter and require less waiting.

Don’t wait to share your best smile with the world. Contact us for an initial appointment to learn more about SureSmile or another of our orthodontics treatments.

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