Whitlock Orthodontics - Springdale & Fort Smith, AR

Dr. Whitlock and his team love getting patient reviews. And lately, Whitlock Orthodontics, serving Springdale, Fayetteville and surrounding communities, has been getting some pretty great patient testimonials! We thought we’d share some with you today! Happy Thursday!

“The friendliness of Dr. Whitlock and the staff. My daughter came in a bit apprehensive, but is quickly put to ease by the empathy and care of the entire office.”  –Sheri D.

“Multiple things….his current orthodontic protocols & resulting beautiful smiles….his knowledge & willingness to discuss topics…his respectfulness toward his patients & parents. While his practice seems very aggressive in orthodontic work & community involvement, as well as very interested in individual patients…he seems so patient & calm in the office. Most appreciated !!”  –Judy E.

“The fact that all the ladies are so nice and easy to get along with. And the cappuccino machine in the waiting room is a definite plus. Also, I’ve noticed that i will be getting my braces off much sooner than most of my classmates.”  –Teresa R.

“Dr. Whitlock has been the only orthodontist who has really taken the time to work with me and show me what is involved with the treatment on getting my teeth fixed.” –Carrie H.

“Dr. Whitlock is extremely professional. He sits down and gets the job done all the while exhibiting a wonderful chair side manner.” –Mary K.

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