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Every parent wants their child to be able to smile with confidence but for many that’s not the only reason to investigate orthodontics at an early age. While the average age for orthodontic treatment is 12 years old, we at Whitlock Orthodontics have a mission to focus on children 7 and up. We’ll even do a consult on children as young as 5. Why?

Early Orthodontic treatment has many benefits. Not only are your kids young enough to still think braces are cool, but an orthodontic consult at an early age can catch future issues and adjust for them before they become problems. Some of these issues include:

The benefits to Early Orthodontic treatment are clear:

Knowing the importance of early orthodontics is only part of the battle. Now the question is: where do you go? Go to the practice where we focus on your child’s individual needs! Doctor Boyd Whitlock has earned the trust of many families. His office is fun, friendly and bilingual!

Contact us today for a free consultation! Email Lacy at lacey@drwhitlock.com or call us at any of our local offices: Springdale: (479) 751-1103  |  Fayetteville: (479) 527-6998  |  Fort Smith: (479) 434-4332

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