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Patient Question: What Can I Eat With Braces?

a girl with white summer hat is eating an ice cream

We love when patients ask us that question! Now that you’re wearing braces, it’s just as important to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen as you did before your orthodontic treatment began. The first few days in braces are going to be more difficult to eat than normal. There will be a slight discomfort when […]

Apps to help you achieve those 2013 New Year’s Resolutions!

woman holding an emoji balloon

With 2012 over, we thought we would ask you, our patients: what was memorable about 2012 for you, and what are you looking forward to in 2013? Do you have a new year’s resolution or any exciting plans for the coming year? Here are the top resolutions for 2013, and some great free iOS and […]

Foods That are Safe for Braces

woman with dimples wearing an eyeglasses

Orthodontic braces are used to straighten the teeth, which not only creates a more pleasing appearance, but also helps prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems. Braces are only effective when they are properly cared for, however. Certain foods, for example, are better suited for individuals who have braces, as opposed to hard and […]

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